LPN to BSN Programs in Florida

There isn't much challenge that a BSN degree is the most sought after level of education in a registered nurse. How ever the number of RN's who have a BSN degree, and are seeking employment is becoming less and less every year. This means that in order to fill these positions LPN's need to step up and enroll in an LPN to BSN degree program. For LPN's that are in Florida this is an excellent rescource for LPN to BSN programs in Florida.

There are two options for an LPN or LVN to earn their Bsn degree. BSN programs in Florida are either done in a class room setting or via a distance learning online. In past years an LPN to BSN online degree has been misunderstood, but more recently it's popularity is growing year after year.

Local LPN to BSN programs in Florida

Barry University School of Nursing offers a local lpn to bsn program. A qualified LPN will be able to test out of some coursework that the standard BSN program covers. Normally a licensed LPN will be able to complete this lpn to bsn program in 2 years. The University will assign an academic advisor to you when you enroll, from there you and your advisor will be able to work out your requirements whether you're attending part-time or full-time.

The second option for LPN to BSN programs in Florida is an online BSN program. The outcome is the same, once graduated you will be able to site for your registered nurse exam how ever the flexibility of your education will be much greater.

Why enroll in an LPN to BSN program online?

BSN programs in Florida are primarily on campus, how ever there are online schools that offer lpn-bsn programs to students in Florida without the requirement of on campus lectures. Enrolling for an online LPN-BSN program offers students the flexibility to continue to work as an LPN while working towards their BSN degree.

Online LPN to BSN programs for Florida Students

The University of Phoenix provides a unique Online LPN to BSN program for students in Florida where by a portion of the coursework is done in class, and the bulk of studying is done online. This gives students the interaction some feel they lose by enrolling in an online school, while still having the flexibility to handle their coursework on their own terms.

Indiana State University offers a complete online LPN to BSN program available to students in Florida. You will complete all general education and elective courses online. In order to considered for entrance into the program you must be a licensed LPN or LVN.


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