The most sought after level of education in the nursing job market is a BSN degree. To give yourself the best chances  for advancement, a BSN degree prepares you for leadership and administrative roles in the health care sector. So if you're currently an LPN then an LPN to BSN degree is the first step towards both becoming an RN, and furthering your career potential.

A regular BSN degree will take as long as 4 years to complete, how ever credit will be given to potential students who already are licensed LPN's. The basics and core foundation of BSN program have already been covered, therefore you're able to move into the more advanced second and third year coursework in the program.

The immediate benefit of an LPN-to-BSN degree is that you will be able to sit for your NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) exam. Allowing you to become a licensed RN, this will greatly increase your income and job potential.

While the demand for all types of nurses is at an all time high,  finding skilled registered nurses with a BSN degree is even more difficult. Since you can qualify to become an RN with a Diploma or associates degree in nursing, when a potential employer has the chance to hire an nurse with a BSN it does give that person the edge.

Where can you take an LPN to BSN degree?

There are several options for enrolling and completing an lpn to bsn degree. First off there are accelerated programs offered online that allow you to continue you're current position as an LPN while studying on your own terms to earn your BSN. In most cities there is a local college or university that also offers a program. The online lpn-to-bsn programs are beginning to catch on for several reasons. First, students are able to continue their current job and support themselves while they study. Enrolling at a local college, and being required to attend weekly scheduled class times can make it difficult to maintain full time employment.

For many nurses they worry that without the classroom interaction, and direct contact with other students the degree program will be more difficult. For this there are programs offered through institutions like the University of Phoenix that have the first and last classes in a classroom setting, but the bulk of the course work is completed via an online interface. These programs provide the best of both worlds, with classroom interaction and flexibility to learn on your own terms.

You can request further information about an online LPN to BSN degree below from two of the top online institutions.

University of Phoenix

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