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The need for nurses in the health care sector has never been greater. It's expected that the number of nurses needed in the coming years is going to increase by 40%. So what do you need to do to get in on this hot job sector? A nursing degree is the first step to pursuing a career, and if you're currently employed then knowing how to get a nursing degree online could save you time and money.

Learning to become a nurse via a nursing degree online is quickly becoming a very popular way to study. It's difficult for most young adults today to commit themselves 100% to their education when there are bills to pay and families to support. How ever an online nursing degree solves several of those problems.

First, most online degrees are a work at our own pace program. There are no semesters pigeon holing you into a set time frame to complete your work, meaning you can study when and where it's best for you. Coursework, assignments, and lecture materials are all retrieved from online areas from the school you're enrolled in. All communication with the instructor is done online either via message boards, or email. Not to mention you have the ability to discuss issues and ask questions with other students in online forums.

It's the perfect solution for someone who needs to continue working, but wants to start or progress their career in nursing. To get a nursing degree online you must complete a set number of credit hours, as you would for any degree program. The majority of the program is done online, how ever there is some clinical work that must be done hands on in a lab or heath care center in your city.

So where can you get a nursing degree online?

The largeest, and oldest online school is the university of Phoenix. They've been providing online education and degrees since 1989. They offer several online nursing degrees, at an undergraduate and masters level nursing programs. As mentioned the majority of the course work is online, with some clinical work being done offline with guidance from your course instructors. For their nursing degree online programs they do offer some credit for work experience, and allow students to work at their own pace.

A second school to consider if you're seeking an undergraduate or associates degree in nursing is Kaplan University. Similar to the University of Phoenix, they offering the majority of the nursing degree online with some work being done hands on locally by the student.

If you want to start a career as a nurse, the time isn't going to get any better then right now to consider enrolling to get nursing degree online. It's the best solution to work around your current schedule, and still advance your career prospects in the heath care sector. Take the first step today and request more information from a college providing online nursing degrees.


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