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Earning an associate degree in nursing online can be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it. Removing all boundaries from having to attend a local college or university to earn your nursing degree allowing you to continue to work full-time and handle your other day-to-day commitments is a big benefit and driving force behind the fast moving trend of online degrees.

All non clinical coursework for an associate degee in nursing can be completed online. How ever, clinical training and classes will be done at a medical facility in your area. This still allows you to handle the studying portion of your course work on your own terms, and then receive hands on training for the clinical portions of your nursing associates degree.

When selecting an associate degree in nursing online carefully evaluate if the program you're considering is a work at your own pace or semestered program. Because one of the biggest benefits to online degrees is the ability to work at your own pace, and still keep upto date with you other commitments a semestered proram isn't always desireable. The semesterd program could move you forward faster it could also place more stress on you to complete coursework in a set time frame.

There are several schools offering online nursing degrees. 

The University of Phoenix online campus offers a variety of nursing degrees. All programs are accredited and they offer the partial credit for workplace experience to those that qualify. Students can complete their associate degree in nursing online in as little as 2-3 years, and will learn from instructors that have an average of 15 years experience and are employed in the areas they teach.

A second school to consider is Kaplan university. They also offer an array of nursing curricula, providing some coursework online and a small amount of lab and clinical work that must be completed in the state you intend to be liscensed in. Their degree in nursing online provides you the flexability to work 24x7 on your studies, when and where it's convienent for you.

If you're currently a working adult, or have responsibilites that keep you from attending school full time through the day then online nursing degrees are the best option to pursue a career in nursing. Even for those of us that are able to attend a college fulltime to study should seriously consider an associate degree in nursing online. If only for the reason you can complete your degree in a shorter period of time and be in control of your own study pace.


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