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Sources tell us that the health care sector is in need of nurses in a bad way. The demand is expected to reach up to 40% more nurses needed then there are currently working today. What does this mean for you? If you've been considering going after a career in nursing, then it's one of the best possible times you could do it, and to get started you need to enroll in a Nursing Degree Program.

There are several nursing degree programs available. Starting with an associate degree in nursing that lays the foundation for furthering your education right up to masters and doctorate programs. The vast majority of nursing degree programs can be taken at colleges and online institutions.  The popularity of online nursing degees has grown year over year mainly due to the difficulty young adults have attending school full time without  way to support themselves.

Enrolling for an online nursing degree program allows students to further their education while not sacrificing their current job. Being able to study when and where is convenient for you is th biggest advantage that online education has to offer potential students. Because of the nature of a nursing degree program there is some coursework that needs to be completed off line locally. Clinical study is near impossible to complete without hands on work, so this potion of the an online nursing degree program must be completed at a local health center.

Getting started is as easy as requesting free information from a school in your area or an online school  that offers nursing degree programs.

To learn more about what nursing degree programs are available and what's the best program to enroll in to progress your career take some time and read some of the articles available on this site.

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Those individuals seeking licensure as a Practical or Vocation Nurse will take the NCLEX-PN test and those seeking licensure as a Registered Nurse will have to take the NLCEX-RN test.

Having a BSN degree will make you more marketable as a nurse. The good news is that if you're already an LPN you can enroll for an LPN to BSN degree, and graduate quicker.


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